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The Making of Christina


Interior designer Christina Clemente is caught off guard by an intense affair with her charismatic client, Jackson Plummer. He quickly becomes the cure to Christina's loneliness and a surrogate father to her young daughter Bianca.


When Jackson suggests moving to a rundown farm in the mountains, Christina soon forgets her initial hesitation and absorbs herself in restoring the rambling century-old house, Bartholemews Run, becoming obsessed with solving its mysterious history.


But while living on the isolated farm, her once effervescent child transforms into a quiet sullen teenager and Christina increasingly struggles to connect with her.


Because Bianca has a secret.

And the monstrous truth threatens to destroy them all.

"With her eye for satire, Jaffé does for neighbourly disputes what Liane Moriarty did for schoolyard scandals in Big Little Lies. The Fence is guaranteed to resonate."  

Australian Women's Weekly



"An author with evident skill in writing realistic characters, place and dialogue."

The Australian




Meredith Jaffe author

The Fence


Gwen Hill adores Green Valley Avenue where she has built friendships, raised her children and nurtured a thriving garden. So when the house next door is sold, Gwen wonders how the new family will settle into this cosy community.


Francesca Desmarchelliers has high hopes for the house on Green Valley Avenue. More than a new home, it's a clean slate for Frankie, who has moved her brood in a bid to save her marriage.


To maintain her privacy and corral her wandering children, Frankie proposes a fence between the properties, destroying Gwen's picture-perfect front yard.

]To Gwen, this is an act of war.


Soon the neighbours are in an escalating battle about more than just council approvals, where boundaries aren't the only things at stake.

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