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The Making of Christina


"Jaffe has been likened to Liane Moriarty and the comparison is a fair one. Veering towards more popular, commercial fiction, she knows how to create and animate the domestic dramas of easily relatable characters and exploit the darkness seething beneath the gloss of surface civilities."


The Australian


The Fence


"Reminiscent of the fiction of Liane Moriarty, Meredith Jaffé’s debut explores a range of topics beyond mere border patrol disputes. Written with astute characterisation and alternating viewpoints so the reader can sympathise with both sides, The Fence also explores gender roles at home and work marital and parental friction."


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Funny Bones Cover

Funny Bones


Meredith's short story Emergency Undies is included in this bumper book from Australia's favourite comedians, children's authors and illustrators, that raises money for War Child Australia.

This anthology will tickle your funny bone with over 100 hilarious one-liners, jokes, shaggy dog tales as well as silly stories and wise-cracking cartoons.

If you think you've heard every funny story there is then think again … Funny Bones is a super-huge collection of rib-tickling stories, cartoons, jokes and much, much more that's bound to get even the most serious kid laughing.



Horse Warrior


A Girl. A Boy. A Wild Adventure.

Dark plans are afoot for the peaceful and prosperous land of Avenal. Eleven-year-old Maia, daughter of the Lord, must put aside her dreams of competing in the annual tournament and stand up for her realm. Accompanied by her faithful pony and a rag-tag boy named Raven, Maia must undertake a journey far from home and the ones she loves. Along the way she discovers within her the power to change the world.


""This is a hero’s journey for young readers that is adventurous and full of peril, while young horse lovers will enjoy the author’s knowledgeable descriptions of horses."

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