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In short....


Meredith Jaffé is the author of two adult works of fiction, The Fence (2016) and The Making of Christina (2017.) Horse Warrior, the first in a children’s series, was published in 2019. She also contributed a short story, Pedestrian Undies, to the 2019 Funny Bones anthology, which raises funds for the charity War Child and went on to be shortlisted for the 2020 ABIA awards in the Book of the Year for Older Children (13+) category.


She is the Festival Director for StoryFest held on the NSW South Coast and regularly facilitates at other writers’ festivals, literary lunches and author events. In a previous life, she wrote the weekly literary column for the online women’s magazine The Hoopla. Her reviews, author interviews, feature articles and opinion pieces have appeared in The Hoopla, Australian Author, the Guardian Australia, The Huffington Post and Mamamia.



The long version...


However, like many authors, how she became a writer is a different story. Meredith became a writer via the scenic route. As a schoolgirl, she wrote stories and poetry almost exclusively on the topic of horses (her poem The Brumbies was published in the annual school magazine!) When not writing about or riding horses, she channelled her energies into drama classes earning bit parts in the annual school plays. In Year 12, Meredith scored one of the two leading roles in the school’s production of Pride and Prejudice. Playing the part of Darcy remains the pinnacle of her acting career.


Meandering off to university, she majored in English Literature and Sociology and upon graduating she announced that she was going to be a writer. Her parents told her not to be silly and to get a real job, which she did. For 9 years, she worked in an insurance company and later became quite successful as a recruiter, possibly because it allowed her to collect other people’s life stories.


Facing the impending birth of her third child, she decided it was time to write or die wondering. Her early writing caught the eye of one of the founders of the online women’s magazine The Hoopla and Meredith joined the magazine when it launched in July 2011. In March the following year, Meredith stepped into the role of Editor, Books and enjoyed three blissful years reviewing books and interviewing writers before the magazine closed its doors in March 2015.


She regularly chairs panels, presents workshops, and interviews fellow writers for various literary festivals and other writerly events. So, when she moved to the country and they didn't have an established festival to celebrate story-based stuff, she immediately spotted the gap in the market.


In 2018, Meredith co-founded StoryFest, a storytelling festival on the beautiful New South Wales south coast. As Festival Director, she's responsible for putting together a star-studded program featuring Australia's finest fiction, non-fiction, songwriting and film-making creatives.


If you want to read Meredith's  novels, you can order a copy of  The Fence here. And The Making of Christina over here. Horse Warrior has it's own website and it's over here. Or, if you want to read a bunch of great kids stories, jokes and general silliness, you can find out more here but you can't buy it until November 2019 (just in time for Christmas!)


And last but not least, if you would to love Meredith to facilitate your next literary event, drop her an email here.



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